Month: February 2017

Where Does Social Media go to Die?

In its final days of exisitence on servers around the web, where oh where does social media go to die?


Think of the various sites you’ve signed up for over the years and how many of them you actually access now.  There’s most likely a ton of sites which have fallen from grace and are decaying on the internet or have shuttered completely.  Think about all the information, time and effort you put into those sites.  Let’s take MySpace for example, and a great example it is.

2014062472Dead_Social.b8618When MySpace was in its boom phase, somewhere around 2006, everyone was on the site.  Music was discovered there, and musicians were signed from MySpace.  My previous employer found new talent on MySpace and published some of their work.  It was THE place to be.  But then, something changed.  Suddenly interest started to fade as the corporate entities began valuing the massive amount of data available.  And the die-off began.

MySpace didn’t even make it to the point of optimizing for mobile because by the time News Corp purchased them, the interface had been changed, fans had been alienated, and the kids abandoned ship to Twitter.  But even in death, all that data still lives on.  Held in limbo by Justin Timberlake, waiting to either be closed or sold again to the highest bidder.


Anti-Social Media Bubbles

There’s a lot to be said about social media these days.  Seems every morning there is a new catastrophe brought on by our own elected officials or by some outside force, even a force of nature.  We become reactionary.  We hide behind our screens.  We see news pop up and depending on the social media options you use, you’ll either see more or less – but you’ll still have to face the social element of the media.

anti-social_networkingThose that are just focused on people meet and greet apps are prone to running into those that don’t share the same political opinion.  Swipe left to avoid a potentially awkward encounter.  Of course, in those apps like Coffee Meets Bagel or Soul Swipe you don’t have to dive as deep into the political sphere in your profile so you may chance an encounter with a new connection only to find out that they’ve drank the Kool-Aid of the opposing view.   This assumes you actually meet in person and you don’t spend majority of the time texting back and forth.

31eea3aSo let’s take texting apps in into consideration.  What if you actually had to talk to the majority of the people you were communicating with.  Texting and emailing is very much the preferred comms method of the day, with apps like WhatsApp and WeChat simplifying the go-between, but does it actually make us more social?  I’d argue that we’ve become much more anti-social because of social media these days. Sticking to characters and emojis rather than reaching out to call someone, or god forbid have a face to face conversation.

More and more social media apps will continue to pop-up, but the real question will be whether or not we will ever be able to have civilized discussions and debates ever again or if we’ll all succumb to the social media bubbles we exist in and leave face to face interaction to chance.