Month: March 2017

The Future of Communciation

I suppose anything is possible in the realm of communication.  The direction we’re heading with media convergence and new improved social media being developed every day is leading us to an entirely connected society.  Net Neutrality remains an incredibly troubling issue as the powers that be continue to mess with something that isn’t broken…so why fix it? unnamed In an ideal world, we’d have free internet for everyone and free education for all so that we could encourage people to innovate and create new technologies, propelling us further into the future.  Right now, it feels like we’re dragging our feet.  The major cell phone companies have yet to release 5G, which we’ve all been waiting patiently for several years.  The cell companies have also been continuously rereleasing the same phone with only minor improvements for the past several years.  Seems like ever since Steve Jobs died, real innovation has gone the way of the dinosaur.  We need vision.  The Elon Musk’s of the world don’t care about communication, they’re focused on transportation.  We need to open up the net, make education available and watch as the hottest new apps are developed by our brilliant young minds in any city in the U.S. and not just Silicon Valley.  url.jpg


PR is What You Pray For

1deb30006a05bae5baba54d23bfedd71PR is a crazy world.  Having worked in the field for close to twelve years, it’s a wild and wacky place to play.  It’s a significant relationship game, but that’s changed recently to be more of a strategy game involving the company, the talent, and the media all working in tandem.  Advertising has always been a bit of a mystery to me, especially in the new age of digital.  Fortunately, in my new job, I’m very closely connected with my sales team, so I get to witness the chaos of media buys first hand.  These deals have little to nothing to do with PR, but sometimes certain elements of an agreement can be incorporated into a publicity campaign to get the hype.  Using brand leverage to boost 20f7752f09ab1964f23dbd935e189cc2your client or talents profile can sometimes be of assistance when it comes to promoting products.  If there’s an ad spend in place, it’s best to connect with the brand’s publicist directly to see if that leverage can be used or maybe held for a later time.  With the dissipation of print media and the increase in online content, specialized or general, there’s no better time for PR to push talent to become “thought leaders” in their specific arenas to grab the attention of those press partners who might be covering.  But paying to play is never a good thing, that’s why we have to advertise – to tell us, not show us.

Grading the Trump Campaign, Collegeiate Style

DonaldGradeGen-300x159Well shit.  Easy targets are sometimes the hardest to find in regards to new ways to take them down.  There’s nothing to like about the Trump campaign.  He’s proven to be a vile businessman, which is the platform he ultimately ran on.  In regards to journalism, the fact that his team eventually grabbed a flavor-of-the-week term of “Fake News” and then built his campaign promises around deflecting poses too many ethical issues with how he made his money, how he still is making money and how his cronies will run a shadow government is just F-grade material.

I mean honestly, if I came into your class and told you that I knew everything you were going to talk about, you had absolutely no business being a professor because I had more “job” experience than you, and perhaps you had some weird email debacle with Syracuse that was old-dead news and continually repeated that rhetoric until you gave me a decent grade – I would be absolutely shit-out-of-luck.  And I’ve disagreed with curriculums before, but the rate at which the media cow-towed to the great orange Cheeto is troubling.


I will give a B-grade to the underdogs, however.  The Teen Vogue’s and rogue agents of the National Parks systems of the world are doing a great deal of journalistic justice for their audiences, and it shows.  These real truths, real reporting, and real talk are what is necessary to show what is really going on in our crazy society.  The lack of actual reporting from major media networks has opened up a whole new world of possibility for the lower tier media to step in and take command.

Playing Dirty with Big Data

It seems the time has come for Congress to impede on the rights of everyone who uses the internet once again.  Whether it be net neutrality or something a bit more sinister, the government wants to watch our Internet behaviors and unleash them to the highest bidder.  The greatest thing that big data has to offer our higher powers is the ability to know how we operate and what we want on a day-to-day basis so that they can ultimately control us.

big_dataSo perhaps that’s a little morbid, but the deregulation of the internet has been a hot topic in this class and its been a hot topic in the world as a whole as we enter into this new age of men trying to keep the next generation at bay.  Allowing our search histories to be sold to companies for advertising or other nefarious things isn’t going to change the fact that majority of people aren’t going to notice the rug being sold out from under them.  Maybe they will notice and take action against their representatives?  Who knows.  It seems we’re in the wild west of tech when we should have moved beyond that, been smarter than that by now, but maybe we’ll just have to keep waiting for that dystopian future we were promised back in the 1960’s until it’s sold back to us through our own data.