Playing Dirty with Big Data

It seems the time has come for Congress to impede on the rights of everyone who uses the internet once again.  Whether it be net neutrality or something a bit more sinister, the government wants to watch our Internet behaviors and unleash them to the highest bidder.  The greatest thing that big data has to offer our higher powers is the ability to know how we operate and what we want on a day-to-day basis so that they can ultimately control us.

big_dataSo perhaps that’s a little morbid, but the deregulation of the internet has been a hot topic in this class and its been a hot topic in the world as a whole as we enter into this new age of men trying to keep the next generation at bay.  Allowing our search histories to be sold to companies for advertising or other nefarious things isn’t going to change the fact that majority of people aren’t going to notice the rug being sold out from under them.  Maybe they will notice and take action against their representatives?  Who knows.  It seems we’re in the wild west of tech when we should have moved beyond that, been smarter than that by now, but maybe we’ll just have to keep waiting for that dystopian future we were promised back in the 1960’s until it’s sold back to us through our own data.


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