Grading the Trump Campaign, Collegeiate Style

DonaldGradeGen-300x159Well shit.  Easy targets are sometimes the hardest to find in regards to new ways to take them down.  There’s nothing to like about the Trump campaign.  He’s proven to be a vile businessman, which is the platform he ultimately ran on.  In regards to journalism, the fact that his team eventually grabbed a flavor-of-the-week term of “Fake News” and then built his campaign promises around deflecting poses too many ethical issues with how he made his money, how he still is making money and how his cronies will run a shadow government is just F-grade material.

I mean honestly, if I came into your class and told you that I knew everything you were going to talk about, you had absolutely no business being a professor because I had more “job” experience than you, and perhaps you had some weird email debacle with Syracuse that was old-dead news and continually repeated that rhetoric until you gave me a decent grade – I would be absolutely shit-out-of-luck.  And I’ve disagreed with curriculums before, but the rate at which the media cow-towed to the great orange Cheeto is troubling.


I will give a B-grade to the underdogs, however.  The Teen Vogue’s and rogue agents of the National Parks systems of the world are doing a great deal of journalistic justice for their audiences, and it shows.  These real truths, real reporting, and real talk are what is necessary to show what is really going on in our crazy society.  The lack of actual reporting from major media networks has opened up a whole new world of possibility for the lower tier media to step in and take command.


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