PR is What You Pray For

1deb30006a05bae5baba54d23bfedd71PR is a crazy world.  Having worked in the field for close to twelve years, it’s a wild and wacky place to play.  It’s a significant relationship game, but that’s changed recently to be more of a strategy game involving the company, the talent, and the media all working in tandem.  Advertising has always been a bit of a mystery to me, especially in the new age of digital.  Fortunately, in my new job, I’m very closely connected with my sales team, so I get to witness the chaos of media buys first hand.  These deals have little to nothing to do with PR, but sometimes certain elements of an agreement can be incorporated into a publicity campaign to get the hype.  Using brand leverage to boost 20f7752f09ab1964f23dbd935e189cc2your client or talents profile can sometimes be of assistance when it comes to promoting products.  If there’s an ad spend in place, it’s best to connect with the brand’s publicist directly to see if that leverage can be used or maybe held for a later time.  With the dissipation of print media and the increase in online content, specialized or general, there’s no better time for PR to push talent to become “thought leaders” in their specific arenas to grab the attention of those press partners who might be covering.  But paying to play is never a good thing, that’s why we have to advertise – to tell us, not show us.


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