The Future of Communciation

I suppose anything is possible in the realm of communication.  The direction we’re heading with media convergence and new improved social media being developed every day is leading us to an entirely connected society.  Net Neutrality remains an incredibly troubling issue as the powers that be continue to mess with something that isn’t broken…so why fix it? unnamed In an ideal world, we’d have free internet for everyone and free education for all so that we could encourage people to innovate and create new technologies, propelling us further into the future.  Right now, it feels like we’re dragging our feet.  The major cell phone companies have yet to release 5G, which we’ve all been waiting patiently for several years.  The cell companies have also been continuously rereleasing the same phone with only minor improvements for the past several years.  Seems like ever since Steve Jobs died, real innovation has gone the way of the dinosaur.  We need vision.  The Elon Musk’s of the world don’t care about communication, they’re focused on transportation.  We need to open up the net, make education available and watch as the hottest new apps are developed by our brilliant young minds in any city in the U.S. and not just Silicon Valley.  url.jpg


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